Supported Configuration

Platform Configuration and Provisioning

The full list of MyST Supported Types for Platform Configuration and Provisioning is available here

Platform introspection

MyST supports the dynamically discovery of configuration of existing environments even if they have not been initially built with MyST. MyST is capable of introspecting the following products and configuration

  • Products
    • / / / /
      • Oracle WebLogic
      • Oracle SOA Suite
      • Oracle Service Bus
      • Oracle Web Services Manager
      • Oracle Business Process Management
      • Oracle Business Activity Monitoring
      • Oracle Managed File Transfer (12.x only)
      • Oracle Enterprise Scheduler Services (12.x only)
  • Configurations
    • JDBC Data Sources
    • JCA Adapters (e.g. DB adapter, File adapter, JMS adapter)
    • Java Messaing Service (JMS)
      • Uniform Distributed Queues
      • Uniform Distributed Topics
      • Connection Factories
      • SAF Remote Context
      • SAF Imported Destination
      • SAF Error Handling
      • SAF Agents
      • Persistent Stores (File & Database)
    • Authentication Provider
      • Active Directory
      • Oracle Internet Directory
    • JTA Configuration
    • Work Managers
    • Clusters
    • Servers

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