Infrastructure Management

Within Myst, Hosts are the logical representation of the Virtual, Physical, Container or Cloud based servers that host the Oracle Middleware Server instances that make up our Oracle Middleware Platform.

Myst allows the use of pre-existing hosts on-premise and in the cloud (for example Oracle Cloud, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure). In addition, Myst also supports the creation of cloud based hosts on-demand for some cloud environments.

Each host in Myst has a corresponding Compute Definition, is associated with an Infrastructure Provider, and is tagged to one or more Environment Types.

Infrastructure Provider

An Infrastructure Provider typically maps to a data center or a cloud provider region. Myst supports two types of infrastructure providers:

  • Pre-Existing : A Pre-Existing infrastructure provider is one where the hosts onto which the Oracle Middleware will be provisioned have been set-up and configured externally to Myst. This can be used with any existing bare-metal, virtual machines (such as VMWare, Oracle VM) or cloud providers (such as Oracle Cloud, AWS or Azure) that we want to use as the target hosts for our Oracle Middleware platforms.
  • On Demand (AWS) : An On-Demand (AWS) infrastructure provider is one where hosts will be created on-demand as part of the process of provisioning the Oracle Middleware platform. This approach relies upon an Amazon Machine Image (AMI), which is a Virtual Machine template, for creation of the target hosts that underpin the Oracle Middleware platforms.

Before registering a host or machine image with Myst it should be setup to conform to the Host Prerequisites.

Environment Types

Environment Types are typically aligned to the software delivery lifecycle (for example DEV, SIT, UAT and PROD) and are designed to help categorize Oracle Middleware Platform Instances for governance purposes. This categorization can help to manage who has access to instances, and what actions they can perform against the instance.

Compute Definitions

Compute Definitions are used to indicate operating system requirements for hosts. When we create a Platform Blueprint, we need to specify its Compute Definition. This is used to define the operating system requirements for target host as well as how Myst should interact with the host. For example, if the Compute Definition is for Solaris then Myst will know to treat the platform as if it is Solaris, instead of say Oracle Linux.

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