Four Eyes Principle

The Four Eyes Principle feature is designed to manage approvals and deployments in production environments for Release Pipelines. The feature can be used in production deployments requiring at least two people to approve and release through the pipeline.

Enabling Four Eyes Principle

Enabling requires toggling the feature and flagging the production environment.

  1. Click Administration > Four Eyes Principle
  2. Click Save

Enabling Production Environment

  1. Click Infrastructure > Environment Types
  2. Edit your production environment
  3. Check PROD Environment (Four Eyes Principle) and click Modify


Scenario #1 - Allow the same approver and deployer for a stage

Given a Release Pipeline ready for approval
And user John_Developer approved the TEST stage
When the same user, John_Developer tries to deploy the TEST stage
Then an error will returned as Deployment failed. You previously approved a release to this stage


Scenario #2 - Override approval for a user that previously deployed to non-prod

Given user John_Developer deployed the non-production stages
When the same user John_Developer approves the Production stage
Then an error is returned as Cannot approve release in Production environment because you previously deployed to non-production environment


Scenario #3 - Override deployment for a user that previously approved non-prod

When user John_Developer deployed the previous Non-Production, stages
If the same user John_Developer deploys to the Production stage
Then an error is returned as Cannot deploy to a Production environment as you have deployed to at least one non-Production environment



Errors display. In this case the Mandatory Approval Role when using Four Eyes Principle

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