Control Bar

The Control Bar displays the version, revision and state of the platform configuration and allows us to take actions on the configuration. For further details on versioning, see Platform Version Control.

By default the Platform Editor is opened in read-only mode. We can perform several actions from the control bar by clicking on buttons in the bar itself or within the button drop-down besides the revision number. These are outlined in red above. Only the relevant actions are shown based on the appropriate state of the configuration.

The table below describes all the actions and also highlights under which conditions each one of them is applicable.

Action Applies To State Description
Commit Blueprint / Model Draft Commits the current revision of the configuration with a comment
View Previous Commit Blueprint / Model Any In case of more than one revision, this action lets one go to the configuration of the previous commit. We can start editing as well based on this, thereby effectively using this as the baseline of the newer revision and overwriting any changes made in the current one.
View Commit History Blueprint / Model Any Shows the entire commit history for a version of the blueprint / model along with the comments for each revision. We can click on any of the older revisions to open its configuration. Similar to above, we can also use this as the baseline for the latest revision.
Delete Draft Blueprint / Model Draft Discards the current draft revision and reverts back to the previously committed one
Edit Configuration Blueprint / Model Draft / Committed Switches the user interface into edit mode, exposing all controls for making changes to configuration. In case, the current revision is committed, this will auto-increment the revision number in edit mode.
Save Blueprint / Model Draft Saves changes made to the current revision permanently. However, this does not increment the revision number and hence is a way of periodically saving work without committing every time.
Save & Commit Blueprint / Model Draft Saves changes made to the current revision permanently and also commits the revision, thereby making it eligible for performing platform updates. Subsequent changes will have to be made in a newer revision.
Discard Changes Blueprint / Model Draft Discards all changes made in the current edit session and restores the last saved configuration.
Save as new version Blueprint Committed / Final Creates a new version of a platform blueprint based on the selected version.
Save as Template Blueprint Committed / Final Saves the active blueprint configuration as a platform template so that it can be reused for other blueprints.
Delete / Delete Version Blueprint / Model Any Deletes the current version of the configuration in case it has not been applied to a platform instance.
Publish Blueprint Committed Publishes the blueprint version and marks it as Final so that it is locked for future editing.
Create Model Model N / A Creates a new configuration of the model for a blueprint version which does not have one already created. We can base this on any previous configuration version of the model.

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