Application Release Automation

Myst is the most advanced and intuitive Application Release Automation solution for Oracle Middleware. It enables you to quickly establish a standardized, repeatable and automated process across your organization for the build and deployment of Oracle Middleware applications at each stage in the Software Delivery Pipeline. All with Zero Scripting.

Myst shifts the experience from a slow, resource intensive and highly error prone process to a fast, reliable and low risk process that can be performed in a fraction of the time.

Declarative Application Deployment

Myst uses a declarative approach to automation, meaning users simply define the target state of the application to be deployed which, at the push of a button, is automatically deployed by Myst.

Within Myst, Application Blueprints are used to (1) define the artifacts to be deployed, (2) define the configuration requirements for each artifact and (3) define the configuration changes to be applied to the Oracle Middleware platform.

Application Models allow you to specify properties that are environment dependent, which enables seamless automated deployments across test and production environments. Application Blueprints and Models are version controlled, providing complete control over all configuration changes.

The declarative approach means incremental changes are simple to make and propagate across all environments. Users just update the required target state; Myst will determine and perform the required steps to apply the necessary changes. With Myst there is no need to maintain complicated scripts or workflows for each deployment instance, eliminating errors and simplifying on-going maintenance.

Repeatable, Reliable Process for Deploying Releases

Myst Release Pipelines allow you to establish a standardized process for automating the deployment of Oracle Middleware applications through each stage of the software delivery lifecycle.

The powerful configuration management features in Release Pipelines enable you to combine multiple applications into a single release, as well as deploy a release across multiple WebLogic domains.

The Release Pipeline Dashboard provides a ‘single pane of glass’ to monitor and manage the promotion of application changes and platform configuration changes through staging environments and into Production.

Governance and Control

Fine-grained, customizable permissions and approvals provide gating that lets you control who can approve and promote releases into each environment. In addition, automatic audit trails ensure you can meet compliance and governance requirements.

Integrates with Existing Build Processes

Myst has plugins for popular continuous integration tools including Jenkins, Git, TeamCity and Bamboo; this allows you to seamlessly integrate Myst into existing build processes.

The output of each build is stored in a software repository, such as Artifactory or Nexus. Myst automatically tracks artifact versions as they change, including the revision of the source code used for each build.

End-to-End Traceability

Myst provides an inventory that shows which applications, artifacts, and configurations have been deployed to which environments along with dates, times and versions. This provides end-to-end visibility and traceability from the version of the artifact deployed in each environment back to the revision of the source code used to build that artifact, as well as allowing detailed comparisons between what is deployed in each environment in the Release Pipeline.

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